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Bamboo Treatment - protect, enrich, rejuvenate

Bamboo is an incredibly versatile product, being used in so many different ways from furniture to fencing and even in clothing! Bamboo is an extremely fast growing plant, found predominately in the Asian regions of the world. Due to its fast growing abilities, it is an extremely sustainable resource.

Bamboo is extremely durable yet very light and can be used in so many different ways. However over time (without protection), bamboo starts to lose some of its properties. If left untreated bamboo will start to lose its natural colouring, may start splintering and may start going moldy, due to the elements with which the bamboo must endure. This is especially so for bamboo fencing products.

We have developed a few products which will clean and protect your bamboo, including bamboo fencing, from discolouration and mould. It will help maintain the wonderful colours - just like it was when it was first installed.

Normal varnish or special mixes of products can be more harmful to the bamboo. Our extensive research and development over many years has allowed us to create a product which is proven to work. Please check out our treatment page above for further information.